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Student will gain a partner’s attention to reinstate, reject, make a choice, or request a new topic.

Ways to Refuse ◊ Ways to Obtain

Transdisciplinary IEP Goal Examples

After engaging a partner, student will demonstrate improved vision and fine motor skills by using vision and hands together to scan an array to make choice between familiar objects and then purposefully engaging with them, as measured by OT, Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments.

Student will intentionally engage a partner who is not in direct contact (ex. vocalizations, gestures, switch activation) in order to make a request, direct attention or greet, as measured by SLP.

After engaging a partner, student will demonstrate a refined fine motor gesture (ex. pointing, grasping, touching) in order to indicate a choice or direct attention, as measured by OT.

Student will gain a partner’s attention and visually scan an array of objects presented in the student’s visual field, to indicate a choice, as measured by teacher/teacher of visually impaired/SLP.

Student will independently (crawling, adapted mobility device, walk) to a partner in order to initiate an interaction as measured by PT.

Video Examples

cupboard protocol – intervention script for the first scenario in the video.