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Goal 2

Student will demonstrate interest in topics initiated by a partner. - Receiver

Ways to engage in Social Interaction


Communication develops out of early relationships with other people.  It is in the context of these interactions that our senders begin to learn about themselves and the world around them.  (Cress C. 2002)


Transdisciplinary IEP Goal Examples

In a seated position with postural supports, student will lift head in response to social stimuli for  (#) seconds as measured by PT.

When engaged socially (with movement, touch, speech, etc), student will demonstrate awareness through change in affect, respiration or body movement/stilling, or turning towards partner, 3 out of 5 trials, as measured by SLP.

With adequate postural support, student will visually fixate on a lighted object when presented within visual field by partner for 5 seconds, as measured by the teacher of students with visual impairments.

Video Examples


Tools and Assessments

Sensory Channel Observation Tool– T. Anthony (1997)