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Goal 4

Student will demonstrate recognition/anticipation of specific activity/interaction when presented with symbol etc.through a specific reaction.

Receptive Language


We should be very deliberate in our efforts to help our students, the sender, anticipate the events of their day.  This is often done through systematic use of some symbolic form such as object calendars, visual schedules, or non-symbolic strategies such as touch cues. If these attempts have been deliberately planned and systematically executed, then you should be expecting a response. It may be increased attention to the partner, orientation in the direction of the next activity or perhaps even selecting the symbol used for that activity and showing it to you to say “this is what I want to do now”. The sender is beginning to form specific associations and put the pieces of communication together. 


Transdisciplinary IEP Goal Examples

Student will demonstrate visual recognition of familiar transition cues (object calendar) when presented and labeled as demonstrated by visual fixation (for # seconds) on # visual cues as measured by teacher of students with visual impairments.

When presented with a transition symbol, student will show anticipation of activity as demonstrated through orientation of body to partner or activity, change in affect, and/or body movement. 

Student will demonstrate recognition of transition symbols as demonstrated by choosing corresponding symbol from array of (#) given verbal cue (“It’s time for ___”). 


Supplemental Information

Receptive Communication