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Level II

Profile of Student at Level II

Senders  now act with intent as demonstrated through purposeful behavior for a variety of topics (social/nonsocial). These reciprocal interactions, many of which are initiated by a partner, provide the sender an opportunity during pauses to indicate a desire to continue or repeat interactions. Communication to reinstate or end these interactions is still partner perceived (i.e., interpreting the intent behind the behavior).  Such opportunities create; an expectation of our sender’s active participation, their access to topics, and a context for shared experiences with their partner. Sender does not yet demonstrate coordinated behavior to both receiver and topic.


Focus of Instruction

(from Rowland and Schweigert)
  • Respond to potentially communicative behaviors so that the senders become aware of their communicative purposes as well as the importance of having a communication partner.

Goals for Student (Sender)

*Goals are intended to assist the senders to achieve mastery of current level as well as prepare them for transition to the next level.

Goal 1: Student will demonstrate preference for increased # of partners and topics – Receiver/Topic

Goal 2: Student will refine or expand means of expression – Means

Goal 3: Student will direct attention to partner to reinstate. –Receiver/Topic

Goal 4: Student will demonstrate anticipation of a specific activity when presented with symbol etc.through a specific response. –Means/Topic


Level 2 image with, Topic, Means, Sender , Receiver


Topic: Demonstrates preferences as a result of repeated shared experiences.

Means: Build fluency and expand repertoire of behaviors associated with topics (actions on objects or movements related to topic).

Sender: Demonstrates purposeful behavior to engage in interactions with people and things

Receiver:  Expand communication partners to reinstate shared interactions

Achieving boosts child to emerging Level III-IV