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Goal 3

Student will direct attention to partner to reinstate.

Ways to Obtain ◊ Ways to Engage Socially


Our learners access their world through interactions with their receivers. It is within this context of shared experiences that joint attention and the intent to communicate with someone takes shape. When that happens it’s important that we allow for it and expect it.


Transdisciplinary IEP Goal Examples

  • Student will demonstrate desire to reinstate by tactually searching tray for more of the desired item or moving her body for more action, as measured by OT, teacher.
  • Using an assisted mobility using a device (Creepster Crawler, gait trainer, etc) student will travel 20 feet in order to engage a partner or access desired toy, as measured by PT.
  • Student will demonstrate purposeful behavior (vocalization, body movement, voice-output switch activation) in order to attract a partner’s attention 50% above baseline, as measured by SLP.


Video Examples

Level II Intervention Example: 

Reinstatement Activity Form– tracking form to collect data on child’s attempts to reinstate partner initiated activity.