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Our Mission

Communication-in-Action is an outgrowth of our educational teams’ realization that communication, perhaps more than any other domain is effected by and in turn effects all areas of our learners’ development, self-determination and quality of life.  We recognized that our learners with complex communication needs, require the  support of all team members (families, teachers, motor therapists and speech language pathologists) in order to access, engage, and learn about their world. This instructional guide is a collaborative effort to bring together the expertise and goals of all disciplines in order to promote the growth and communicative competence of our learners. 



NMSBVI Student
NMSBVI Student


The Communication Matrix assessment, by Rowland (2004) has provided us a framework for the construction of Communication-in- Action©️. It is designed to apply the information from the Matrix to strategies for instruction including goals, video illustrated interventions, and resources for learners with complex communication needs. Service providers across disciplines (Educators, PT, OT, SLP) participated in its development. This reflects our belief that successful development of communication requires the unique skills and perspectives of all members of the team.

It is the intent of this guide’s authors that users be familiar with and have administered the Communication Matrix as a starting point before attempting to employ the information provided here.

Communication Matrix