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Student will demonstrate 1:1 correspondence between symbol and referent (child will match object symbol to its corresponding real object).

Transdisciplinary IEP Goal Examples

Having selected desired toy from an array of 2 toys, with assist to scan sender will then indicate symbol representing selected toy from an array 2, with 60% accuracy as measured by SLP.

After indicating a choice from an array of objects associated with favorite toys (e.g., puzzle piece for puzzle, wheel for car) child will demonstrate comprhension by retrieving the corresponding toy from the cupboard with x% accuracy.

During meal time, when given a picture of items needed to set the table, sender will retrieve corresponding item, as measured by OT.

In mobility device, sender will independently travel last 3 feet to routine activity then will select the symbol that corresponds to that activity from an array of 4, as measured by teacher and PT.


Video Examples

Supplemental Information
Tangible Symbols Pretest  See appendix in Tangible Symbol Systems for protocol