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Goal 1

Student will demonstrate adequate emotional regulation in order to maintain or regain appropriate arousal level for learning. – Topic

Ways to Refuse ◊ Ways to Obtain


Some students may struggle to reach and maintain an emotional availability necessary for learning. One who is drowsy, sleepy, agitated or crying is not ready to attend to interactions offered by his partner.  It becomes necessary to determine what characteristics of the learning environments are most associated with that readiness to engage.

Transdisciplinary IEP Goal Examples

In a variety of school settings, when provided with necessary strategies (e.g., positioning, sensory) student will demonstrate a calm attentive state to participate in a variety of classroom activities, 50% above baseline as assessed by teacher and occupational therapist data collection.


Tools and Assessments

Sensory Channel Observation Tool by T. Anthony (1997)

Arousal State Tracking adapted by NMSBVI from Sensory Learning Kit by M. Smith (2005).


Supplemental Information

Sense of Taste Sense of Smell Pyramid of Learning
Sensory Confusion Proprioception Vestibular Sense